CT60PSU r.2023

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Full-featured, internal power supply unit for Atari Falcon with CT60(e) accelerators.

new in 2023 revision:
All new main heatsink and more clearance between PSU and top cover for even better thermal performance
Better 5V rail characteristics in 030 mode
Mount solution available in two versions: light gray ABS (FDM printing), or matte black PA-12 nylon (selective laser sintering)
Redesigned PSU mount now allows use of common vertical DOM on Falcon IDE port
New main switch with dual function: switch on your Falcon directly into either 030 or 060 mode

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An internal power supply unit for Atari Falcon equipped with CT60, CT63 or CT60e accelerator. This PSU is a complete replacement for picoPSU DC/DC pigtails, that require heavy-weight external power bricks.
CT60PSU is the only power supply solution with a seamless integration to your Atari Falcon chassis available. It features fully drop-in design that requires no modification to your computer and can be removed at any time with no traces of installation left whatsoever, should you ever decide to. CT60PSU comes with all all mounts and its accessories, all you need ti install it is PH1 screwdriver.

CT60 is powerful: with 6A/3.3V, 3A/5V and 0.5A/12V it can power all your gear.

CT60 is all European product: all key set components, including PSU module, cable harness, mount, wires,… are made in EU. And of course, PSU module has CE/TUV certification.

Base CT60PSU set consist of following parts:

  • OTS power supply module, modified for best thermal performance possible
  • Power supply module mount plate, two straight and two “L” shaped mount stands, screw set
  • AC socket and dual function AC power switch (powers on the system in either 030 or 060 mode)
  • AC wiring harness with relevant connectors on both ends
  • DC wiring harness with relevant connectors specific to either CT60/CT63 or CT60e. Please make sure you select a correct version, when placing the order.

All mount come made either from light gray tech. grade ABS material using FDM method, or from matte black PA-12 nylon using selective laser sintering method. The later has quality and precision very close to molded part.

All CT60PSUs are built to order, typical order processing time is 2-4 weeks. Please plan your orders accordingly.

Speaker add-on for PSU module can be purchased separately.

Mount design data and BOM for DIY can be found on Github


Class I electric device. To be installed by qualified personnel only! Risk of injury and fire!


CT60PSU can not currently be installed in Falcon with SuperVidel due to mechanical constrains.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 5 cm

CT60/CT63, CT60e

Mount material

light gray ABS-T, matte black PA-12

3 reviews for CT60PSU r.2023

  1. tomalajapan (verified owner)

    As always, a well made and well finished product. This is the ultimate PSU everybody was waiting for CT60/CT63 fitted Falcons, far way better than the usual PICO PSUs. Installation is very straightforward. This new version is more versatile than the previous one and gives you an easier access to the HDD connector. The switch button is also a big improvement and lets you easily switch your Falcon in both modes. I just hope the speaker add-on will be available soon.

  2. kohli79 (verified owner)

    Class compact PSU, very satisfied! Fits everything without problems!
    The ability to switch between 030 and 060 mode is also great! 🙂

  3. Paweł Nowak (verified owner)

    Previously I used a switching power supply in Falcon with CT63. The CT60PSU power supply is a classic (transformer) and, in my opinion, a much safer solution for the Atari Falcon. The installation is very intuitive. If anyone would like to watch the installation process, you can watch it on my YT channel: https://youtu.be/VEj_pueRTIw?si=kBqyA9FQKIodRnj6

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