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Atari ST video to VGA adapter with resolution mode switch and audio output

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Fourth release of lightweight, even smaller and extremely reliable Atari video output to VGA adapter, that allows you to connect modern VGA monitors to your Atari.
Features convenient slide switch,allowing you to change between color ST Low/Med and mono ST High video modes, on-fly.
Contains sturdy 3,5mm jack socket with mono audio signal wired to both (L+R) channels. You can now plug your audio gear into it directly, without any additional cable.
Does not require power, does not stress your Atari video logic circuits.
Provides best signal clarity, especially compared to eBay ST to VGA video cables.
Snow white PCB.

Compatible with: Atari 130ST, 260ST, 520ST/F/FM/E, 1040ST/F/FM/E, MegaST/E

Note: ST Low/Med color modes require 15kHz HSYNC capable monitor, such as Benq BL720A. This is a design limitation of your Atari video output, not ST2VGA.

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Weight 89 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm

11 reviews for ST2VGA r4

  1. Cosmic Puppet (verified owner)

    I love this product!

    It’s extremely well made with attention to detail.

    I’m also very impressed with the slide on cover. Perfect!

    It’s really handy having the High/Low switch, so that the Atari always starts in the desired mode, and the Audio now being in both left and right has made this my adapter of choice.

    Great work!

  2. David SPORN (verified owner)

    Works like a charm.

  3. Tomáš Kučera (verified owner)

    Works great!

  4. Allannon (verified owner)

    Works great highly recommend this .
    is is the only product i could get to work the way it was advertised
    thank you

  5. Griffith Everson (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant adapter, well made, crisp clean picture. Used it directly to a Nec 1970vx vga monitor and also with an OSSC hooked up to a standard hdmi monitor. I also liked that it comes with a backplate (not pictured) to cover the assembly and protect it. The color/mono switch is great and the audio out jack is solid and delivers a clean audio signal. Delivery to the States was pretty quick, all in all, one of the best adapters you’ll find.

  6. George Nash (verified owner)

    Well made product, but I cannot get tyhe cover to fit properly and postage from Chechia seems very flakey to UK, this is the only one of THREE orders to arrive so far, I have been waiting for nealy TWO months for one delivery from this firm

    • administrator

      Welcome to post EU era. I suggest you to avoid Christmas shopping next time, typical delivery times to UK are 2 weeks otherwise. It used to be a week, but hey, times changed.

  7. George Nash (verified owner)

    My fist one was ordered on 24th October and still has not arrived yet, the one that arrived was from 6th December and I ordered a Goex short button for Atari the same day, your emails say they were posted in the same post office on the same day and the Goex has not even arrived in UK yet.

  8. Bruce Philip (verified owner)

    This works GREAT. I ordered a second one! Thank you for offering these!

  9. Gevik Babakhani (verified owner)

    I ordered two units. I received the ST2VGA(r4) today. It was very well packaged. Included in the packaging was an additional slide-in plastic cover. Both units work perfectly. I tested on an Acer B246HL (hi/low res) LG1720B (hi res)

    Thank you for GREAT work. I highly recommend it. Ohh, also thanks for the little HARIBO surprise 🙂

  10. SLiX (verified owner)

    Very nice product. It’s not in the description, but I confirm that it also works perfectly on Falcon030 using the standard DB19 to ST monitor. This way, you can get the real ST High (640×400 @ 71Hz) video mode on Falcon030 (with the DB19 to VGA adapter, you get a 640×400 @ 60Hz)

    The plastic fits perfectly but:
    * You should display it on your product page;
    * When installed, the switch indication (Hi – Lo/Me) is hidden so you should add this indication on the cover.
    * The thin back part of the cover seems fragile, so you may ship it already installed.

    Thank you !

  11. kohli79 (verified owner)

    Perfect! 😃

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