CT60 accelerators coming soon!

This is extremely exciting news and I am so thrilled I can share it with you now. Today, I have signed a contract with Rodolphe Czuba granting me exclusive rights to produce his CT60, famous Falcon030 accelerator .Stay tuned for more details!

New service on the menu, folks!

Are you desperately searching for oscillator with exotic frequency? Is the one you look for only available in bulk quantities, outside EU only? Look no further. I can make a crystal oscillator according to your specifications. Simply select output characteristics, voltage and write down desired output frequency. Available as BTO product at https://centuriontech.eu/product/customized_oscillator/

Summer break time

We all deserve a break in our daily routines and that time has come for us too, finally. Time to slow down, enjoy the sun and get a good breathe of summer air. Please be informed that all orders received from today will be processed and despatched after June 21. Happy summertime, everyone!

USB modules for A1200 return

I am happy to inform you the USB modules for A1200 maniboards return to Centuriontech.eu shop tommorow. Best of all, they heve been redesigned for better performance and stability inside and outside. Stay tuned!Minor quantity will be available from Monday, while more units will be made over the week.

AMIPSU production heads-up

To everyone patiently waiting for their AMIPSU orders, the wait is to be over soon. Amiga DC power plugs I am waiting for to resume AMIPSU production are finally beeing cleared by the customs and unless something unexpected happens, they should be cleared in a day or two. You order should then be despatched in … Read more

STPSU has undergone a makeover

STPSU, our premium replacement power supply for Atari 16/32 bit computers , has been upgraded to 2.1 revision.  So what’s new, you may ask? Beside minor layout changes and cutted slots to increase a level of protection for your precious Atari in case of (an unlikely) optocoupler failure, STPSU now features standard Molex connector. In … Read more

“3D printed” shop section is now open

I am proud to announce we have opened a brand new eshop section for brand new product category, “3D printed parts“. Looking for impossible to find chassis spare part? Or are you searching for a new compact flash card drive retention kit? Eager to buy a OLED display frame for your Gotek or GOEX? This … Read more