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set of two drop-in replacement EPROM chips, programmed with original Atari TOS 2.06. Different language options available.

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Replacement TOS memory chips, programmed with original Atari TOS 2.06 ROM image. This is latest version ever released by Atari Corp. for Atari 520/1040/Mega STE.

Following language versions are available: german, french, UK, US, czech, swedish, spanish. Please state your desired language in order notes, during checkout.

In order to upgrade your system with these EPROM chips, you must configure W102, W103 and W104 as follows:
W102: 1-2
W103: 2-3
W104: 1-2
I suggest you to replace wier links or zero-ohm links with pinheaders, so that you gain a flexibility to switch between different EPROM types. Once these jumpers are set accordingly, simply replace your current ROM chips with new EPROMs. Note your new chips are labeled (HI) and (LO), make sure you insert them in corresponding sockets, labeled same way.



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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm

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TMPosted on3:18 pm - Sep 23, 2018


Will you have some new TOS stock soon ? I am interested in the US 2.06 version.


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