GOEX drive r.2023, SD card version

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Modern floppy drive replacement device, compatible with entire Gotek eco-system, i.e. LED/OLED displays.

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Important notice: some parts of GOEX assembly are BTO. Please allow 1-2 weeks to process your order.

Slick, tailored specifically for Amiga 500, 600 and 1200 systems, GOEX drive is fully compatible with FlashFloppy firmware and entire Gotek HW eco-system, while it provides numerous advantages over plain Gotek drives:

    • GOEX comes with unified mount designed specifically for A500, A600 or A1200 with all the mounting accessories included
    • full drop-in design: no tinkering with your mainboard, no chassis modification needed
    • features convenient and elegant jogdial-like controller. Browse through your ADF collections with tip of your thumb: move selection Up/Down, select with center push.
    • has full-size SD card slot with lock/eject function
    • seamless integration of user controls with Amiga 500/600/1200 FDD drive chassis opening
    • an easy to see LED drive access indicator
    • on-board piezo speaker
    • compatible with centuriontech.eu display module as well as most genericย  0,91/1,3″ OLED displays
    • already pre-configured with latest stable version of FlashFloppy firmware, ready to go

GOEX drive comes pre-installed with latest version of great FlashFloppy firmware by Keir Fraser. Please consider a donation to the developer.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 3 cm
Mount variant

A600/A1200 vanilla white, A600/A1200 semi-gloss black, A500 beige, A500 semi-gloss black

14 reviews for GOEX drive r.2023, SD card version

  1. watman

    Is A500 version planned? Or is this one possible to mount in A500 after some homebrew modifications?

  2. A.P. de Bruijne

    How can I purchase the centuriontech display module?

    • administrator

      They will appear in the shop in a day or two, sorry for delays.

      • A.P. de Bruijne

        Still can’t see it?

  3. Joel

    Does this also fit an Amiga 600? If not then how much do i have to modify for it to fit?

    • administrator

      In fact it does, with already available redesigned bracket, which makes GOEX universal for both A600 and A1200. This is yet to be announced.

  4. Busch (verified owner)

    today received my device and I am very happy with that. Works fine and the assembling of the pcb is very good quality. Thanks a lot for this pritty Amiga product !! My 32GB CF was detect directly without any problem.

    • administrator

      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. kM

    How does one update the flash floppy firmware once Keir releases a new version?

  6. J Caspers

    Can you make a version that can do both df0 and df1 drive in one.. The internal A1200 and A600 already have extra select wire for df1 in the cable, maybe you can contact for this the people of flash floppy firmware? Alot of games use multible disks, some of them you get crasy of swapping the floppies all the time, whould be cool to have a goex drive that can do both.

    • administrator

      I will have a look at it, thanks for the hint!

  7. Leif Henriksen

    Do you have plans for a version for a fullsize diskdrive bay

  8. Ingo (verified owner)

    When you will have it (600/1200) on stock ?

    • administrator

      Due to PCB shortage, next batch will only be available in 2-3 weeks.

  9. Ingo (verified owner)

    okay thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • administrator

      Very limited quantity is back on stock.

  10. Steve Green (verified owner)

    This is much more pleasing than a standard Gotek. The rotary click-wheel is highly practical, and the low profile nature of the SD card means it doesn’t protrude beyond the housing of the A500. This is a very, very nice โ€“ and better โ€“ alternative to a Gotek.

    • administrator

      Thank you Steve. I am glad you like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. DragDay7 (verified owner)

    Brilliant piece of hardware – it does it’s job. Display module is a must-have with it. Also there’s a great person behind this store.

  12. Nicolas GUILLOIS (verified owner)

    Ordered mine the 7th of March, hope I get it soon to enjoy more my A500 ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. nikos_skiadas (verified owner)

    I received my device a few days ago. My Amiga is stored elsewhere at the moment, so I’m going to rate the overall purchase experience so far. Communication has been super fast and direct from the beginning, the guys at the shop pointed me to the right item to buy as I had questions (I got this along with an OLED display : https://centuriontech.eu/product/oled_module/?attribute_enclosure-color=Semi+gloss+black and a cable extension : https://centuriontech.eu/product/fdd_cable/ , I’ll leave brief reviews there as well). Careful and mostly damage proof packaging, also contained a small surprise! Pay attention to PROCESSING TIME in the item description, before bothering the guys with questions about shippping time as I did (sorry).
    Verry happy I found out about GOEX, will definitely trust them again in the future!

  14. TexasFoosballer (verified owner)

    I bought my GOEX just over two years ago now, back in March of 21. I have a lot of experience with it and I can say its great and I do recommend it. Thanks for making great products like this!

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