USB mouse module for Amiga 1200 (mainboard rev. 1D4)


USB mouse module for Amiga 1200 (mainboard rev. 1D4)


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Replaces original D-sub 9 Amiga mouse port on your Amiga 1200(HD) with modern USB interface. Connect any USB HID compliant mouse, to your Amiga and use it without any limitations.

Go optical, go laser, go wireless, go wild!

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This version is pinout compatible with A1200 mainboard revision 1D4 only. Variant for 2B mainboard revision is available here.

Installation in a few easy steps:

  • remove chassis screws, separate top half og the chassis from bottom by lifting it up
  • disconnect LED module from mainboard
  • disconnect and remove keyboard assembly. be easy on connector!
  • unplug, unscrew and remove floppy drive (GOEX, Gotek,…)
  • unscrew mainboard assembly, remove it carefully from the chassis
  • unscrew mouse connector from EMI shielding, unlug its extension cable from mainboard
  • plug in Centuriontech USB module instead
  • secure the mainboard and USB module bard to the chassis
  • return and replug keyboard, floppy drive device and LED module
  • put the chassis back together, screw it back.
  • connect your favorite USB mouse, fire up your A1200 and enjoy all the comfort.

Amiga1200 USB board is based on unmodified SmallyMouse2 design by all great Simon Inns. All the files, schematics and FW sources can be obtained directly from

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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 3 cm

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RobertPosted on9:54 pm - Jul 17, 2018

version for 1D1 mainboard will be available?

xraynormPosted on6:36 pm - Aug 26, 2018


Does this support the mouse wheel?

JuriPosted on7:59 pm - Feb 24, 2019

Hi,do you have a stock?

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