STPSU power supply unit for Atari 520, 1040 STF/FM/E and MegaST


STPSU power supply unit for Atari 520, 1040 STF/FM/E and MegaST


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The only true “plug&play” replacement power supply unit for your 16/32-bit Atari computer
STF/FM/E variant

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Built from high quality parts only, STPSU is modern, efficient dual output power supply unit, designed specifically for Atari 16/32-bit series of computer systems. As such, it can be directly used to replace your aging or failing original Atari power supply unit, without a need to modify your precious computer in any way. These are some of the STPSU feature highlights:

Extremely easy installaton, the only true “plug&play” solution for your Atari 16/32-bit computer available on market today
Works on both 230V and 110V  AC power networks
Highly efficient switched mode power supply design
Stable low noise output power in all working conditions
Zero noise design without heatsink and/or fan
Low no-load and standby power consumption
Features an extra on-board output connector to power your extra gear

Integrated safety and reliability features, such as:
accurate, auto-recovering, hysteretic thermal shutdown function
output short circuits and open feedback loops protecton with auto restart
output over-current protection

STPSU is fully compatble with most of 16/32-bits Atari computers:

  • Atari 520 STF/E
  • Atari 1040 STF/STFM/E
  • Atari MegaST/2/4

Detailed datasheet with full specification is available in our download section.

Additional information

Weight 235 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 5 cm

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