Smallest and neatest hard drive for the 16bit Atari computers with ACSI port.

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SDrive is the most appealing hard drive solution for your 16bit Atari system available today. Its’ custom made hardware was designed to be extremely compact, yet easy to use and operate. For example, SDrive uses full size SD cards that are commonly available and, compared to microSD cards, easy to handle.
Unlike basically any other solutions available, SDrive uses genuine 19pin ACSI connector, preventing user to plug the unit incorrectly causing a damage. It is housed in sleek plastic cover, designed specifically for it. Power and activity indicator is in users’ direct view. Also, SDrive will not block any other ports on your machine. And there is more…

Based on ACSI2STM open-source firmware, SDrive offers versatility, upgradeability, possible future expandability and support of growing community around it.

SDrive is very convenient to use: simply plug SDrive to your ACSI port, insert FAT32 formatted full-size  SD card. Insert CR1220 coin cell to the side slot, plus pole facing up, to enable battery backed real time clock feature (optional). Finally, 5V is required to power SDrive via its’ USB-C connector. Common USB-C phone charger can be used for such purpose. Alternatively, you can power SDrive directly from your Atari ST, via USBee. Now you are all set.
Power on SDrive. Power indicator light will confirm unit is on, followed by drive activity light shortly after, signaling unit readiness. At that point, you can power on your ST. If the unit is working properly, you should see drive identification message on screen during just after memory test. Once in TOS/GEM, use your preferred utility to partition your hard drive and make it bootable (optional). Thats it, enjoy the comfort of hard drive enabled system!

Compatible with: Atari ST(E/F/FM), Mega(ST, STE), TT030

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