Atari Falcon030 capacitor set


Atari Falcon030 capacitor set


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Complete set of capacitors for complete Atari recap, Falcon030 mainboard specific bundle.

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This re-cap set consists of following electrolytic capacitors:

1* 4700uF/10V, THT, Ø16x37mm, axial (C147 )
1* 470uF/16V, THT, Ø8x20mm, axial (C24)
2* 220uF/16V, THT, Ø8x16mm, axial (C57,C121)
1* 220uF/16V, THT, Ø6,3x11mm, radial (C117)
4* 100uF/25V, THT, Ø6,3x16mm, axial (C29,C36,C50,C110)
5* 47uF/25V, THT, Ø6,3x12mm, axial (C54,C56,C67,C83,C84,C138)
1* 22uF/50V, THT, Ø6,3x12mm, axial (C1)
3* 10uF/63V, THT, Ø5x12mm, axial (C88,C91,C114,C141)
2* 4,7uF/100V, THT, Ø5x12mm, axial (C2,C6)
4* 3,3uF/100V, THT, Ø5x12mm, axial (C92,C127)
1* 2,2uF/100V, THT, Ø5x12mm, axial (C78)
3* 1uF/100V, THT, Ø5x12mm, axial (C48,C101,C181)

All capacitors are factory new, from an official european distributor, Vishay or Nichicon (JP) brand.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding our recap services.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm

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