GOEX drive – coming soon!


GOEX drive – coming soon!

A little peek at GOEX drive prototype, a floppy drive replacement unit by Centuriontech.eu, soon to be available through our shop in USB or SD card variant. Lot of goodies packed, simple instalation, full compatibility with HxC and FlashFloppy firmware, these are only few highlights of whats under the shell. Check back soon for more information, pricing and availability date!

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SebastienPosted on2:29 pm - Oct 24, 2018

Superb! Exactly what I wanted since years! Finally a Gotek – like reader that uses the floppy button for USB access and properly designed for Amiga! Which models is it going to be for? I hope for A600, A1200 and A1000… eventually A500 but I have only 1 machine… I have more than 5 of each others).

Bona VenturaPosted on5:35 pm - Nov 29, 2018

Any update regarding the progress?

HalPosted on11:06 am - Aug 1, 2019

This sounds really interesting!
It’s been a while since it said “Coming soon” -when will it be available?

KathleenPosted on6:19 am - Oct 16, 2019

Hello dear, any news regarding the availability of this new device ?
It looks very interesting but we’re now already in October and if I’m not wrong still not possible to order it right ?
Thank you very much for your reply.

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