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STPSU has undergone a makeover

STPSU, our premium replacement power supply for Atari 16/32 bit computers , has been upgraded to 2.1 revision.  So what’s new, you may ask? Beside minor layout changes and cutted slots to increase a level of protection for your precious Atari in case of (an unlikely) optocoupler failure, STPSU now features standard Molex connector. In result, you now can connect your upgrades and peripherials, such as floppy drive replacements, hard drives, memory upgrades, accelerators,… using widely available aftermarket cables. Output line filters were even more fine-tuned to ouput yet cleaner power.

All the rest remains the same – STPSU is still perfectly built, highly effective, performant, lightewight and stone cold running power supply, designed specifically for Atari ST and Falcon computers.

And yes, you still do not need anything else but a screwdriver to install it, that is true “plug&play” installation, style.

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“3D printed” shop section is now open

I am proud to announce we have opened a brand new eshop section for brand new product category, “3D printed parts“. Looking for impossible to find chassis spare part? Or are you searching for a new compact flash card drive retention kit? Eager to buy a OLED display frame for your Gotek or GOEX? This is the right place for you. And while there is just a handful products now, I will add more and more parts to the catalogue shortly, so check back soon! Still have not found what you are looking for? Let me know.


GOEX drive – coming soon!

A little peek at GOEX drive prototype, a floppy drive replacement unit by, soon to be available through our shop in USB or SD card variant. Lot of goodies packed, simple instalation, full compatibility with HxC and FlashFloppy firmware, these are only few highlights of whats under the shell. Check back soon for more information, pricing and availability date!