Nuovo LC/CD32 power supply unit for Amiga CD32


Modern, lightweigt and powerful  replacement PSU for your Amiga CD32 console.

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Nouvo LC/CD32 is an improved  highly efficient replacement Amiga power supply unit, fully compatible with Amiga CD32 console.

Built around enclosure designed from ground up for its application, with 43% smaller build volume than original Nuovo, LC/CD32 is even smaller, lighter  and much more convenient to use. The enclosure itself is made of durable, color stable, industrial grade ABS+ or ASA materials in nice matching matte black color.

Enhanced airflow system allows yet cooler operation and ensures long product life spawn.

It’s powerful too: 4A @5V and 2A @12V rails it provides enough power for your system in every configuration possible today, including accelerated and enhanced ones.

Assembled in EU, from new, all qualified, out-of-distribution components only. This is not “Made in PRC” junk.

Detailed datasheet with full specification is available in our download section.

Note: AC power cable can be purchased separately, should you need one.

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 9 cm


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