Rear panel IO shield for Amiga 1200(HD)


Drop-in replacement EMI shield and IO bracket for Amiga 1200. Available for mainboard with original TV modulator in place, with VGA connector cut-out for reAmiga/scandoubler enabled builds and as blank version.

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This is direct replacement for aging and rusty original bottom Amiga 1200(HD) EMI shielding. Compact, lightweight, but rock solid. Provides maximum support for all d-sub rear connectors and greatly reduces risk of them beeing ripped off the mainboard.

Made of laser cut 0,8mm stainless steel.

Note: While this product has been fully qualified with rev. B, C and E chassis and it is fully compliant with these, there could be some other revisions out in the wild, which I have been unable to test/qualify this shield with. It should however fit w/o modifications.

Additional information

Weight 160 g
Dimensions 50 × 7 × 7 cm

TV modulator cut-out, VGA connector cut-out, Blank

2 reviews for Rear panel IO shield for Amiga 1200(HD)

  1. Seymore Kuntz

    Will this version fit the ReAmiga 1200, with it’s built in VGA connector?

    • administrator

      Yes, it does.

  2. Mario

    How thick is this metal ?

    • administrator


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