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RafikPosted on6:49 pm - Jul 6, 2018

This item is what I was looking for. Do you ship to Canada? If yes, how much is shipping?
Best regards.

    administratorPosted on9:30 pm - Jul 6, 2018

    Hello, I am glad you like it 🙂 Yes, I do ship to Canada. Please add the adapter to the basket and proceed to checkout to see the shipping cost.

RobertPosted on7:59 am - Jul 12, 2018

wich one LED module is compatibile with new A1200net cases?

Greetings from Poland

    administratorPosted on9:41 am - Jul 12, 2018

    the “BC” version will fit for sure, as lightpipes are slightly more narrow then those for E chassis. They are 14.8mm wide, to be precise. If however new 1200 cases have been based on more recent “E” mold, you could also fit 1mm wider “E” version, which would result in more appealing look, especially if you are lucky owner of clear A1200 case.
    Please measure width of LED cutouts. If you get 16mm, go for the “E” version.

RobertPosted on9:54 pm - Jul 17, 2018

version for 1D1 mainboard will be available?

Andrejs SahovsPosted on12:16 am - Aug 17, 2018

Is it supporting USB Joystick ?

xraynormPosted on6:36 pm - Aug 26, 2018


Does this support the mouse wheel?

mikroPosted on2:12 pm - Sep 18, 2018

Two suggestions:

1. Update the download section with the Falcon version’s manual – now it mentions black and white cables while the Falcon PSU has blue and brown ones.

2. Add an header for existing Falcon PSU connection – there’s a nice connector, I feel bad destroying it only to connect it again into a very similar one.

TMPosted on3:18 pm - Sep 23, 2018


Will you have some new TOS stock soon ? I am interested in the US 2.06 version.


SebastienPosted on2:29 pm - Oct 24, 2018

Superb! Exactly what I wanted since years! Finally a Gotek – like reader that uses the floppy button for USB access and properly designed for Amiga! Which models is it going to be for? I hope for A600, A1200 and A1000… eventually A500 but I have only 1 machine… I have more than 5 of each others).

David WillsPosted on9:53 pm - Nov 8, 2018

You need to offer international sales and shipping. Please, please, pretty please. We are starved for a product/service like this down in Australia.

Sylvain PrevostPosted on6:31 am - Nov 9, 2018

Hi, I bought your product st2vga. Works fine for high res on vga display, but low res not supported. What solution ?

administratorPosted on7:10 am - Nov 9, 2018

Hello Sylvain, color modes (a.k.a low and medium res.) require 15kHz HSYNC capable monitor, such as Benq BL720A. This is a design limitation of your Atari video output, not ST2VGA.
You can also check sites like or

Phil /A1200NETPosted on4:12 pm - Nov 10, 2018

New A1200 cases by A1200NET have 16mm wide LEDs cutouts.

So “E” version it is.


Bona VenturaPosted on5:35 pm - Nov 29, 2018

Any update regarding the progress?

Kirk MeltonPosted on4:45 pm - Dec 1, 2018

Which revision of these will work on the kickstarter cases?

chrisPosted on9:22 pm - Jan 10, 2019

Hi! Do you know when these will be back in stock and ready for dispatch?


chrisPosted on9:29 pm - Jan 10, 2019

Hi! Does this have proper solder cups at the back, or is it just straight pins?

All the eBay ones I’ve found are really tough to solder because they’re just pins st the back without solder cups!

administratorPosted on9:33 pm - Jan 10, 2019

They are straight pin version. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate solder cup version, which indeed is more convenient to work with, anywhere. I do not think they are available any longer.

chrisPosted on3:23 pm - Jan 19, 2019

Hi! Just received my STVGA – thank you!

Are the three pads next to the switch the audio output? If so, do you recommend a particular jack for use to provide the mono output?

Kenneth JørgensenPosted on11:59 am - Feb 6, 2019

When Will it be in Stock

PyroPosted on3:39 am - Feb 15, 2019

When will you have the USB mouse module for Amiga 1200 (mainboard rev. 2B) back in stock

JuriPosted on7:59 pm - Feb 24, 2019

Hi,do you have a stock?

PatPosted on12:11 pm - Mar 11, 2019

Mine well arrived in North Africa thanks. I need to know the direction of the chip. Is the battery on the right side of the PCB, or on the left side of the PCB. A picture would be very useful. Thanks

RafPosted on6:17 pm - Mar 13, 2019

Any chances to ship ste or mega1 to US?

andy HallPosted on8:19 pm - Mar 22, 2019

Hi have you these in stock ?

regards Andy

Steve HaubnerPosted on8:45 pm - Apr 3, 2019

Are there other LED color options beyond the ones mentioned (green, yellow, orange, red, blue, cold white)?

Steve HaubnerPosted on1:23 am - Apr 5, 2019

I know there are cyan/turquoise and purple/violet LED’s so perhaps these colors in combination with blue or cold white.

Steven TibbitsPosted on11:22 pm - Apr 12, 2019

Hi, I am enquiring as to when you may have this item back in stock ?.

    administratorPosted on9:43 am - Apr 14, 2019

    I happy to inform you the USB modules will return to shop early next week. Another good news is it has undergone a design overhaul and its now more robust then ever.

Jan FrielerPosted on8:21 pm - Apr 23, 2019

Hello, I would like to buy one ST2VGA White edition PROMO. Please inform me how I can proceed.
Payment via PayPAL possible? would be the easiest way. Shipment to Germany possible?
Please inform me about the total amount (incl. p&p). Thank You! Regards Frieler

Benjamin GerthPosted on10:48 pm - Apr 23, 2019

Hi, doch you Plan to building another ones?
Ich really need one from These nice Hardware.

Sorry for my Bad englisch

Jan FrielerPosted on7:41 am - Apr 24, 2019

Hello administrator, please can contact me directly ?
I left my email into the form… 😉
btw… is it aloso working in a MEGA1 ?

Jim OrstenPosted on11:17 pm - Apr 26, 2019

just wondering when you are going to have the st2vga back in stock?

JacobPosted on1:34 am - Apr 29, 2019

Hi, is the cd32 power supply in stock?

PeterPosted on6:58 pm - Jul 8, 2019

I have a rev 1D.4 motherboard. Will it not work?

    administratorPosted on7:59 pm - Jul 12, 2019

    Apart from dimensional difference 1D4 mainboard has different connector, ergo USB module for 2B will not work with 1D4 mainboard without major modification.
    USB module for 1D4 mainboard is beeing redesigned now and should be available (again) in about 4-5 weeks.

MilanPosted on1:21 pm - Jul 22, 2019

Any information about the availability for 1D4 version?

William MatthewsPosted on11:20 pm - Jul 24, 2019

I have two questions regarding the power supplies.

1. The Falcon version of the PSU, will be okay with CT60 Falcon upgrade?

2. You don’t happen to supply a PSU for the Atari Mega STe do you?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


HalPosted on11:06 am - Aug 1, 2019

This sounds really interesting!
It’s been a while since it said “Coming soon” -when will it be available?

RomanPosted on11:00 am - Aug 4, 2019

when will be “Falcon030 VGA adapter” available again please ?

Erwin LacknerPosted on9:13 am - Aug 23, 2019

do i simply have to change the two eproms to upgrade to tos 2 or will there be some hardware hacking to do ?
regards erwin

RemcoPosted on1:41 pm - Sep 1, 2019

Hi, could you please tell me if and when these will be available again? Thanks!

alpiPosted on2:06 pm - Sep 2, 2019

would love to have some sort of notification when they are back in stock again 🙂

watmanPosted on11:17 am - Sep 4, 2019

Is A500 version planned? Or is this one possible to mount in A500 after some homebrew modifications?

A.P. de BruijnePosted on9:51 pm - Sep 4, 2019

How can I purchase the centuriontech display module?