IP legal ownership declaration

    Please fill in every required fields of a form bellow. Read all the text sections carefully.

    Important note: Please make sure enter valid purchase order number, otherwise we will not be able to map your ROM files to your order.

    Only valid .ROM, .BIN, .IMG and (compressed) .ZIP files with max. size of 512kB are allowed. Each file must correspond to one ROM image only, as each file will occupy one of 4 ROM slots of your newly built QROM adaptor. At least one valid ROM file is required, maximum is 4 files.

    Important note: Individual ROMs will be recorder into QROM adapter memory in the same order, as they were uploaded above. Please doublecheck the order as well as file contents of uploaded files, before you submit this form. In case of any doubts, or should you need a help, please contact us.

    By clicking "Submit" button, I agree to following terms and conditions:
    I agree to transfer "the IP" ownership rights to centuriontech.eu representative. Ownership transfer is temporary only and is limited by the event of my QROM adapter order beeing manufactured. From the moment my QROM adapter order is fully completed and shipped, no centuriontech.eu personnel will carry, use, modify or distribute "the IP" any longer.
    "The IP" ownership rights shall only be used to make a snapshot of "the IP" contents into memory chip of QROM adapter, purchased under order number I have listed above.