ST2VGA Black edition (EOL)


ST2VGA White and ST2VGA Black are now EOL and have been replaced by ST2VGA r4.

This product page is kept on-line for reference only.

Atari ST video to VGA output adapter with resolution mode switch and audio/composite video output

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Compact, lightweight and reliable Atari video output to VGA adapter that allows you to connect modern CRT/LCD monitors to your Atari.
Features convenient slide switch, which allows you to easily change between color ST Low/Med and mono ST High video modes, on-fly.
Features compact 3,5mm jack socket with dual output: mono audio on left line and composite video output on right line.
Does not require power, does not stress your Atari video logic circuits.
Elegant deep black PCB and matching components color.

Compatible with:
Atari 130ST, 260ST, 520ST/F/FM/E, 1040ST/F/FM/E, MegaST/E

Note: color modes require 15kHz HSYNC capable monitor, such as Benq BL720A. This is a design limitation of your Atari video output, not ST2VGA.

Additional information

Weight 89 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm

9 reviews for ST2VGA Black edition (EOL)

  1. Sylvain Prevost

    Hi, I bought your product st2vga. Works fine for high res on vga display, but low res not supported. What solution ?

  2. administrator

    Hello Sylvain, color modes (a.k.a low and medium res.) require 15kHz HSYNC capable monitor, such as Benq BL720A. This is a design limitation of your Atari video output, not ST2VGA.
    You can also check sites like or

    • Benjamin

      When can i buy one from these again?

      • administrator

        In about two weeks time frame. Please keep checking the shop regularly.

        • Darin McNew

          Where will these be back in stock?

          • administrator

            In about 3-4 weeks.

  3. dr.zeissler

    I need two.

    • Robert

      I need one as well. I have been waiting for a restock so I can give these guys some money!
      It’s been 4 weeks since the statement above, so hopefully it will restock soon.

      • administrator

        Atari side connector is still in transit. As soon as its in house, I will make a batch of these. Please staz tuned.

  4. Daniel

    Hello, I’d be interested in one of these when you have them in stock.

  5. dr.zeissler

    Will you mail us, if you have one?

    • administrator

      Its back on stock now.

  6. Éric Berty

    I is possible to have one with scandoubler? Thanks

    • administrator

      Unfortunatelly, I do not have one on the menu. Please take a look at solutions like OSSC or GBS8200.

  7. dr.zeissler (verified owner)

    Hi, I have two. I am not satisfied with both. If I switch I mostly do not get white on my TFT. I have to figure out what position is correct and it’s not the 100% left or right, it’ somewhere in between. Sometimes it flickers between white and light cyan. I think the switch is not optimal for that purpose.

    • administrator

      Hello, I am sorry to hear you are getting messed up picture on your display. Please note that _no_ Atari ST(xxx) produces VGA compliant signal, some displays are simply not capable to handle it. In fact, while most (but still not all) recent displays can handle ST’s HIGH resolution just fine, very few can display LOW/MED properly. This is clearly stated in product description. If I may suggest, BENQ 702A is well known to handle both perfectly, get one if you can.

  8. dr.zeissler (verified owner)

    Hi, I don’t like the LED Display, the colors are not natural. My 51vm and 71vm do all resolutions just fine. I did connect the old VGA-Adapter again. The Hires is not so sharp as with the ST2VGA but Lowres is more blurry and in that case better, because I mostly don’t have those moving lines on my display. But that is not the Problem with those adapters. The switch does not work right in my opinion. Perhaps I should make a video about that.

  9. Frederic


    Could you do a new batch please ?

    I need one for m’y BenQ bl702a please

    Thanks you 🙂

    • administrator

      Sure thing! It might take a few days tho!

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