Nuovo 4 Amiga power supply unit (EOL)


Nuovo 4 Amiga power supply unit (EOL)


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Modern replacement power supply unit (PSU) for your Amiga 500(+)/600/1200(HD) computer.

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Nouvo for Amiga is new compact, lightweight, powerful, yet cool and highly efficient replacement Amiga power supply unit, fully compatible with Amiga 500(+)/600/1200(HD) computers.
With 4A @5V and 2A @12V rails it provides enough power for all small box Amiga systems in every possible configuration, including system accelerated with 060 CPUs.
Made in EU, from factory new and fully qualified components only. This is not “Made in PRC” junk.

Detailed datasheet with full specification is available in our download section.

Note: AC power cable can be purchased separately, should you need one.

Credits: Special thanks to EAB user (What kind of idiot…?) idrougge for constructive and friendly advice he left about our former product, AMIPSU. Well noted, my friend!

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Weight 616 g
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 9 cm

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