Atari Mega ST 1, FDD, TOS 1.04


Atari Mega ST 1, FDD, TOS 1.04


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Fully cleaned, refurbished and tested Atari Mega ST1 with following highlights:
– mainboard has all electrolytic capacitors replaced
– assembled with STPSU, brand new power supply from
– TOS has been upgraded to latest ST version ever made, rev 1.04 with TOS chips socketed
– contains hardware modification allowing to switch bootable drive from internal and external floppy drive
– intenal floppy drive cleaned, heads aligned
– deep cleaned chassis and yelowwing free has no cracks, scratches, missing parts or broken pieces
– completelly rust-free, including battery compartment and sheet metal EMI cover

Shipping in EU only. Shipping quote on request.

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Weight 3500 g
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 700 cm

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RafPosted on6:17 pm - Mar 13, 2019

Any chances to ship ste or mega1 to US?

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