Atari 1040STE, 4MB RAM, GOEX with OSD feature, DUAL TOS switch


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Fully cleaned, inspected and tested Atari STE with following bells and whistles:

– computer is very well preserved, no yellowing chassis yellowing at all, looks factory new (no retrobriting)
– memory was upgraded from stock 1MB to 4MB most likely still at Atari dealership
– all components are perfectly clean, dust free
– fully recapped mainboard and power supply in 2020 with Nichicon (JP) brand capacitors
– all sheet metal parts have newly been galvanically nickel plated
– FDD replaced with GOEX drive with on-screen-display module
– DUAL TOS switch installed with TOS2.06DE and EmuTOS 1.0 configured (can be changed to other TOS combinations per request)

Shipping quote on request.

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Weight 3500 g
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 700 cm


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