Amiga A1200, 2GB CF HDD, FDD


Amiga A1200, 2GB CF HDD, FDD


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Fully cleaned, refurbished and tested Amiga A1200 / 2GB CF card /FDD, with following bells&whistles:
– all electrolytic capacitors replaced with Panasonic brand, low ESR
– removed TV modulator
– replaced composite encoder with brand new Sony CXA1645 chip with uncomparably better output quality
– all rear cinch socket connectors replaced with new ones for noiseless output
– entire motherboard cleaned in IPA ultrasound bath
– original rust-catching EMI shielding replaced with top quality stainless steel laser cut rear I/O bracket by
– FDD deep cleaned, heads alligned, filter cap changed
– deep cleaned chassis and entire keyboard, down to components
– chassis is free of cracks, no missing parts or broken pieces

All refurbishment work and upgrades done by, covered by 6 month warranty.

Comes with brand new AMPIPSU Nuovo 4 Amiga power supply ( and clear front panel LED block in default green, yellow, red color combination.

This Amiga is equipped with IDE – CompactFlash adapter by, which allows you to change your CF card conveniently from the outside, without a need to open the chassis.

Features all-new, all-preloaded quad-ROM switcher by, ROMs can be conveniently selected on rear trap-door switch panel (see pictures). Original 3.0 ROMs are however part of delivery too.

Comes with legal licence for 3.0 and 3.1.4 Kickstart and Workbench

Shipping in EU only. Shipping quote on request.

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Weight 3500 g
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 700 cm

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David WillsPosted on9:53 pm - Nov 8, 2018

You need to offer international sales and shipping. Please, please, pretty please. We are starved for a product/service like this down in Australia.

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