14MB RAM module for Falcon030, DIY kit (EOL)


DIY kit of 14MB memory module for Atari Falcon030 computer, replaces your stock Atari 4MB chip module. Allows you to switch between 1, 4 and 14MB memory configurations. Low profile, fits bellow original Falcon sheet metal cover.

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Comes as 50% DIY kit. Final assembly requires basic soldering skills and common equipment.

Difficulty 6/10

DIY kit consists of following parts:

  • PCB assembled with 72-pin SIMM socket, memory config. jumperpad and all SMD components
  • Two jumpers
  • Two 60 pin pin dual row sockets, tall version, long pins

Assembly instructions:

Cut two supplied 60-pin socket connectors down to 30 (2×15) and 50 (2×25) pin configurations using a side cutter, or similar tool. Polish the cut with fine plier or sand paper, if needed. Insert these connector to its’ corresponding slot in the PCB. Socket side must be facing down, beeing on te same side of PCB as i.e. SIMM socket. Solder both socket connectors carefully to PCB with PbSn solder. Cut excessive pins with side cutter just above the solder joint. Insert 16MB SIMM memory in its’ socket. Configure desired memory size using jumpers from the kit, see memory configuration table on the top of the PCB. Insert assembled memory module into your Falcon computer. Make sure its fully seated and both interface pinheader socket connectors are perfectly alligned with Falcon motherboard pins. Well done!

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 cm


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